powerhouse storm to lash the Great Lakes thur./fri.

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powerhouse storm to lash the Great Lakes thur./fri.

Post by burr28514 » Thu May 11, 2006 12:41 am

Quite unusual to see a storm of this magnitude develop here in mid May over the Great Lakes region.. The center of this developing storm was lifting north thru Indiana early this Thursday Morning and that low will rapidly deepen as it lifts into lower Michigan by later Today. Central pressures with this low by various forecast models drop to between 980-985mb by later Today. The strength alone of this storm is quite amazing here for May, but even more impressive could be the development of a spring winter storm over parts of Northcentral Wisconsin/Western and Central Upper Michigan from Thursday Afternoon into early Friday. Snow up in this part of the country isn't unheard of here in the middle of May..But it really doesn't happen all that often. If it does snow, it will be kinda hard for it to stick to the ground due to the warm/wet grounds, but i guess if the snow came down hard enough and for a long enough period of time then snow should start to accumulate. It's hard to pindown snow accumulations this late in the season, but the potential does exist for a couple inches of wet heavy snow over NC Wisconsin/WC Upper Michigan...

Strong winds will also occur with this powerful storm thanks to the pressure difference between the low to our southeast and high off to our north. Wind speeds of 25-50 mph with higher gusts will occur from Today into early Friday over much of the Great Lakes region and also over parts of the Upper Mississippi Valley region. Winds like this when combined with the potential for accumulating heavy wet snow on trees/power lines could lead to downed trees and power lines over Northcentral Wisconsin/Westcentral Upper Michigan later Thursday into early Friday. Also, winds over the open waters of Lake Michigan could reach hurricane force levels on Thursday with a strong gale and possibly storm force winds affecting much of Lake Superior for Thursday/Thursday Night

I wish i was talking more above severe weather here in Minnesota, but a big storm like this is just about as good. The power of mother nature!

take care everyone

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