snow in May/general weather tidbits..

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snow in May/general weather tidbits..

Post by burr28514 » Wed May 03, 2006 9:18 pm

yes it's early May now..but the threat for snow..well snow flurries are in the forecast for Northern Minnesota starting possibly by later Tonight..or else late Thursday Night, luckly there isn't going to be any of this stuff sticking to the ground, but flakes could be falling from the sky up here in Northern Minnesota during the next 2 overnights.. Upper Midwest weather in Spring..gotta love it!

The sky here in Duluth This Evening reminded me of an autumnal lookn' sky with a whole lotta gray statrocumulus clouds racing south/southeast.

One piece of good news here in Duluth..the green-up is well underway now thanks to this past weekend's rainfall, and also due to the brief warm spells we've had back in April... Also seeing the buds/leaves come out on the trees here in the city. That's a lil' earlier than usual..Well to me it seems a bit earlier than normal, and i've been here for 27 years.

Summer can't be far off though, saw some pretty good lightning here in Duluth late last night with temperatures hovering around 40 degrees.. It was chilly!
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