AlertMe Pro 6.3 Released

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AlertMe Pro 6.3 Released

Post by Andrew Revering » Mon Mar 06, 2006 2:31 am

AlertMe Pro 6.3 has been finally released. This version of AlertMe Pro can downloaded from

6.3 has the following upgrades and enhancements:

- Fixed the radar:
The National Weather Service has switched to what they call their "Ridge" radars. These are much more 'sexy' than the old radars since they are able to overlay several layers in amost a GIS-like format. I have created support for these images in AlertMe Pro. The software still pulls your local radar for you, but now you can turn on and off different layers such as:

topographic background
range ring
the legend

You also have the ability to view more modes of NEXRAD. With AlertMe Pro 6.3 you can view

base reflectivity
long range base reflectivity
composite reflectivity
base velocity
storm relative velocity
1 hour total precip
storm total precipitation

- Forecast Work:
The forecast window occasionally had some issues. I made some minor improvements with this, and it should resolve most issues you are having, however due to time constraints I wasn't able to test this thoroughly.

I was able to test the warnings engine a bit more and have found it works properly. However, it seems that the data feed isn't providing hazardous weather outlooks, so that's something I'll have to address in future upgrades. But all the major short fuse watches and warnings should be working properly.

Due to the radar changes, I had to remove the pop up radar window that zooms in on your location when you get a warning. If this is a big issue for people I can look into adding that feature again in the future. Again due to time constraints I was unable to re-add that functionality due to the radar changes.
Andrew Revering
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