The Microsferics project is a community-based lightning detection network where volunteers contribute lightning data they detect using their own sensors.

    Lightning Detection last 24 hours

    Lightning data availability and accuracy subject to coverage.
    May not be used for protection or planning purposes.

    Detection Sites - without you!
    Key Points

    • Uses Time-Of-Arrival lightning detection technology to accurately "triangulate" and plot lightning strikes

    • Community-based using Boltek hardware & Microsferics TOA time-stamp hardware

    • Servers take data from member sensors, process the data and calculate strike positions

    • We need volunteers! There are gaps in our coverage, and the more holes we can fill the better we'll be able to detect strikes


    To find out more about Microsferics Lightning Detection Network (MLDN), please visit their web site:
    We are not associated with Microsferics, we just think it's an awesome thing to be a part of!