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As extreme weather continues to top the news due to global warming and climate change, professional sources for numerical weather modeling are in demand. One-stop shop forecasts are no longer appropriate for industries that want ultra-detailed, unique weather information. Decision makers are looking for weather information tailored to their needs.

F5Weather is capable of creating detailed forecast graphics and raw data, running computer models at resolutions higher than anything readily available. Customized ultra-high resolution models over specific wildfires, for example, could help firefighters identify moisture, burn threat & wind information on a scale down to specific valleys. This data can help make a tactical plan to fight the fire, and keep both citizens & firefighters as safe as possible.

By allowing those in need of weather information dictate how they want it & what variables are important to them; we can tailor the data with specifics not available elsewhere. The data people want is there, but each industry has a different interest set. By communicating the needs of the industry to the us, precise and pertinent information can be presented in a manner useful to those with the threats ahead of them.


Industries We Cater To

  • Agricultural/Farming
  • Aviation
  • Broadcasting/Media
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Commodities Trading/Investors
  • Construction/Contractors
  • Digital Content/Web
  • Disaster Management
  • Finance
  • Forestry
  • Golf
  • Insurance
  • Kitesurfers/Kite Surfing/Windboarders/Windboarding
  • Manufacturing

  • Meteorological Service Providers/Meteorologists
  • Outdoor Events (fairs, festivals, concerts)
  • Public Safety
  • Railroad
  • Renewable Energy/Wind & Solar Farms
  • Resorts
  • Retail
  • Sailors/Sailing/Yachting/Boaters/Boating/Marine
  • Snow Removal
  • Traffic & Road Management
  • Transportation/Shipping/Travel/Long-Haul Truckers
  • University/Schools/Education
  • Utilities/Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Water Management
  • Services We Can Offer

    F5Weather is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider. Over 20 years in the business, we have been a software manufacturer, forecaster, severe weather researcher, and raw weather data provider. With global climate change well underway and accellerating, the need for good weather information is becoming a necessity for nearly every business sector. In recent years we have focused our efforts toward providing data and graphics from the World's leading weather forecast model guidance to the decision makers in the weather world. We are a leading provider of affordable ECMWF, UKMET and other premium model data.

    Do you have a custom weather forecast service, but need help with the automation of weather graphics or other programmable weather dissimination services? A partnership with us might be exactly what you need to round out your existing weather forecasting business. White-label branding of our products in your name gives your business a professionalism and identity that adds a value-added service to your brand that is appreciated and expected of any weather provider.

    F5Weather is able to tailor forecasts built around the unique needs of your business or web site with user-defined content. We dissiminate government and privately-owned weather data, as well as our own proprietary forecast products and indices. There are unlimited ways that the world economy can take advantage of weather data to be more efficient, save money, protect people's lives and differentiate from their competitors. We are able to set up a super-high resolution computer model specifically dedicated to your interests, zoomed in and tweaked for your specific needs.

    We can also provide an assigned meteorologist to oversee your operations and personally interact with you and your organization on your terms.

    We Can Provide:

    • Weather Visualizations/Graphics
    • Data feeds
    • Model data
    • Human Forecasters (IE for Winter Weather)
    • MRMS Radar Data
    • Custom numerical weather modeling
    • APIs
    • Proprietary Indices
    • Custom warning thresholds
    • Observations
    • Climate Data
    • Marine Data
    • Hurricane/Tropical Data
    • Severe Storm Data

    Who We Are


    Please Contact Us to discuss your needs.
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    F5Weather provides weather forecast graphics and data from numerical weather prediction guidance. In the business for over 20 years, F5Weather has served Government offices, Universities, National Weather Service employees, On-Air broadcast meteorologists, students, storm chasers, private industry, and hobbiests to name a few. F5Weather continues to grow and evolve to provide data that is largely difficult to obtain; such as world-leading ECMWF & UKMET computer model guidance to critical decision makers.

    Our small size allows us to offer competive pricing while still maintaining the highest quality data available from premium data sources.

    Why us?

    • Our competitors largely use the free US Government data, while we also license premium global data from other sources.
    • You can only get the granularity and precision for your specific location(s) when you have a dedicated data provider overseeing your situation.
    • A dedicated team gives you greater frequency of updated data and forecasts.
    • Completely customized services can be designed entirely by your specifications. The only limit is your imagination.
    • API for developers to include data into their projects/apps.
    • Our over 20 years of experience manipulating weather data can get your project up and running much faster than if you tried to reinvent the wheel. That means reduced time and resources wasted, and faster revenue flow that can be put to a more important use.
    • If it's something you want, we probably have already done it. If not, we certainly have the foundation to finish the job quickly.
    Let your imagination run wild, then contact us to discuss your project.



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